Saturday, December 5, 2009

Latin/English Ordinary of the Mass

Fordham University has a nice page out with a side-by-side Latin/English of the Ordinary parts of the 1962 Mass which is easy to follow. This resource will also be kept on my sidebar, but I thought I'd call attention to it.

One note: that 2nd confiteor which used to be said while the priest was having Communion was officially "knocked out." in a fairly late change. I can see why too: [editorial comment coming up, fair warning] If the server is allegedly representing the unwashed, unlettered herd then he'd already said it for the sheeple. [Yes, there are a few things I would change about the latin Mass -- like more dialogue between priest and people -- especially on a Sunday, I'd as soon say my OWN Confiteor, thank you very much! Albeit, sometimes the choir is yodeling over it in a Missa Cantata.]

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