Monday, December 7, 2009

Dude, where's my Vigil?!

I mean, what up wid dat?

In 1879 Leo XIII had raised the feast of the Immaculate Conception (Dec 78th) to a feast of the first class with a vigil. The Blessed Mother shoulda had a Vigil today too.

In the US Dec. th is a Holy Day of Obligation, Mahoney can't even dance around that one. But in reading the Ordo for the NO yesterday, I noted that once again, for the 3rd year running Mahoney, may his 75th birthday hasten soon, has once again decided all by fiat that Jan 1st as a holy Day of obligation need not be observed, never mind the fact that most Americans have that day off anyway, and will be sitting on their butts at home watching football most of the day, which is what I expect Mahoney will be doing. Because JP II was evidently having a bad hairball day when he was appointed, Los Angeles, San Diego, Monterrey, Fresno, San Bernadino, Merced and Orange Catholics wil get a freebie.

Then idiots like him will say "I don't know why I should go to holy days of obligation, even Mahoney doesn't think it's important enough, even through we all have the day off anyway."

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