Tuesday, December 1, 2009

St. Bibiana, Virgin, Martyr - Dec 2nd

"St. Bibiana, [also sometimes called Viviana-KH], a Roman virgin, was scourged to death (363( in the persecution of Julian the Apostate. Before her death her father, mother, and only sister, had given their lives for Christ. One of the most ancient churches in Rome bears her name, and is said to have been built on the site of her house. - SM"

There is more detail -- the Catholic Encyclopedia has this to say about her:

"The earliest mention in an authentic historical authority of St. Bibiana (Vibiana), a Roman female martyr, occurs in the "Liber Pontificalis" where in the biography of Pope Simplicius (468-483) it is stated that this pope "consecrated a basilica of the holy martyr Bibiana, which contained her body, near the 'palatium Licinianum'" (ed. Duchesne, I, 249). This basilica still exists. In the fifth century, therefore, the bodily remains of St. Bibiana rested within the city walls. We have no further historical particulars concerning the martyr or the circumstances of her death; neither do we know why she was buried in the city itself. In later times a legend sprang up concerning her, connected with the Acts of the martyrdom of Sts. John and Paul and has no historical claim to belief. According to this legend, Bibiana was the daughter of a former prefect, Flavianus, who was banished by Julian the Apostate. Dafrosa, the wife of Flavianus, and his two daughters, Demetria and Bibiana, were also persecuted by Julian. Dafrosa and Demetria died a natural death and were buried by Bibiana in their own house; but Bibiana was tortured and died as a result of her sufferings. Two days after her death a priest named John buried Bibiana near her mother and sister in her home, the house being later turned into a church. It is evident that the legend seeks to explain in this way the origin of the church and the presence in it of the bodies of the above mentioned confessors. The account contained in the martyrologies of the ninth century is drawn from the legend. CE/NA"


The Cathedral Church in Los Angeles, until recently was St. Viviana's. [I'd hestistate to see what she'd say about the new structure that passes as Mahony's cathedra. "Mama Mia" would be the least of it.] I think she'd tell the architect something along the lines of "Sciaca-ti nel fango!" [That's Italian for "go roll yourself in the mud." Unless I didn't spell it right!]


  1. St. Vibianna has tears for the excuse of a new building that is the ummm, do I want to call it a Cathedral? Today is her feast day, and unfortunately the old tradition of bringing out the relics to be venerated has been supressed.

  2. I know. It's like she wasn't persecuted enough already. The place is built like a brick oh-never-mind, with as much charm.

    What on earth is it with supressing the veneration of her relics? I've venerated a relic in many a NO parish. Or is it just "Mahoneyland" striking again?

  3. It's Mahonyland striking, we all know how much the Cardinal loves traditional devotions such as amnesty for illegals, and our lady of immigration reform...sigh...2011 can't come fast enough

  4. As much as I'd love to say it is, it's Feb 27th, I'm praying he gets replaced now

  5. Too bad it's too late to have Ted Kennedy drive him and Zero to the Airport or something.

  6. BTW, I was re-reading Christopher Buckley's book re: his 'rents. [I know Christo is a traitor BUT, I couldn't NOT read...]

    Anyway, he mentioned how when his parents were on their annual stay in Switzerland one year, Teddy had been over to a party they had, [with a number of other people too] and at the end of the evening Teddy asked if he could borrow a car so he could get back to Gstaad.

    Pat Buckley immediately said "Hell, NO, there's 5 bridges between here and Gstaad!"

  7. Well, it's not too late, there's always Pat Kennedy that can drive


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