Saturday, December 5, 2009

St. Sabbas, Abbot - Dec. 5

[photo - Baronius press '62 Missal , avec correction]
"White - simple - St. Sabbas, Abbot

St. Sabbas, a monk in Palestine, was famous for his charity to those in need, for his true Catholic zeal and for his austere life. There is a church in Rome dedicated to him. Over ninety years of age, he died in 531. - SM"


Off to Mass in a few minutes, but the commemorations for this Saint have changed. Prior to '62, this sent had his own Collect, Secret, and Post communion prayer. Now, for whatever reason, they are different.

A little more investigation, after I get back from Mass. [I KNEW I should have posted the night before, then I would have found the discrepancy earlier!]
Go to this page to see some contemporary pictures of the Basilica of St. Sabbas - use your browswer to find "Saba"

Update: Goofballs. I should have guessed. Upon further inspection, I find that the commemoration propers for this Mass are the same as always. It's just that the gooballs who were supposed to proofread their own stuff didn't. The Baronius Press Missal had "Os justi ... of an Abbot, p. 1037." 1037 which, when you turn to the Mass is the Mass of a "confessor not a bishop" whereas it SHOULD be "Os justi....of a holy 1043." BP people (and St. Peter's Fraternity" take note -- you have "1037 whereas it should be 1043" Duh. One of the proof readers asleep at the switch.

At any rate, this being Saturday, Fr. G. [you can reference "the Amazing Fr. G." on my other blog] said the Mass for the Immaculate Heart of Mary, this being a Saturday. On this blog, I will "ignore" if a Mass actually said is a First Friday Mass [usually Sacred Heart of Jesus] or Saturday [usually a Marian Mass.] Reason being I am trying to get through the whole calendar, and don't want to miss any saints. So at the Mass this morning the commems went: Immaculate Heart of Mary, 1st Sunday of Advent, and St. Sabbas. Last night they went: Sacred Heart of Jesus, 1st Sunday of Advent, and St. Peter C. -- St. Barbara got bumped. Because according to the rubrics of '62 you can only do 3 sets of commems max. In theory, They could have done her commems instead of St. Peter C.

And as long as I'm banging on Baronius Press-- I HATE the way you guys are chintzy with your pages of NEVER duplicating anything. The propers for the Immaculate Heart of Mary are ALL OVER THE PLACES. TOO MANY FLIPS. It's not going to kill you to have an extras page in.

IMNHO [in my never humble opinion] I should not have to flip to a max of more than 2 places for the propers. [Not counting the preface.]

Tip for the person new to the Latin Mass -- Always read the propers before Mass. If the Mass is too "flippy" [i.e. the propers are all over heck and begone] you'll be thankful. As far as I'm concerned, sometimes the secret can STAY the secret, because it isn't worth flipping the page for 15 seconds to read. So read your commems beforehand and you won't feel guilty for not looking.

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  1. While the page number is wrong, it's not the proof-reader at Baronius Press who got it wrong (or fell asleep). The same error occurs in the orignal Laverty edition (from which Baronius made its edition). The proof-reader no doubt proof-read correctly what was wrong in the original, but he/she wouldn't have known that.


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