Friday, December 11, 2009

St. Damasus - Pope and Confessor - Dec 11

"White - Semi-double -- S

St. Damasus, bybirth a Spaniard, governed the Church from 366 to 384. "The ancients," according to Alban Butler, "particularly commend his constancy in maintaining the purity of our holy faith, the innocence of his manners, his Christian humility, his compassion for the poor, his piety in adorning holy places, especially the tombs of the martyrs, and his singular learning." At his command St. Jermoe translated the New Testament into Latin. This Pope also confirmed the second ecumenical council, held at Constantinope. -- SM"


This feast is now a "3rd class" feast. [I must do a post soon as regards the "old classifications" and the new ones -- sorry I've been lacking in that point. I shall go back too, and mention the new classifications in each saint post later on.]

An interesting point is that St. Damasus, used to have his own Mass the 1948 missal st. Mary's missal, and the '62 Baronius press missal both have the mass propers of the day as "Si diligis me...." whereas in the 20s this "pope, confessor" had his own mass Propers.

More about those 20s propers for this Mass later, I've got to get to work!!

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  1. Yes, please post soon about the different ranks of feasts. I'd love to understand those better.

    Rob F.


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