Sunday, May 30, 2010

First Solemn High Mass - Fr. Rhone Lillard

Fr. Lillard was ordained in Lincoln, Nebraska last Saturday. Today in San Diego, at St. Anne's Parish (which exclusively does the EF form of Mass) Father Celebrated his first high Mass. I culled some of the clearest shots of the Mass and reception which followed. [Earlier in the week Father also said some of the low Masses. Towards the end of the slide show, Fr. is pictured with his mother, Jackie Lillard, who is a member of our parish.

Congratulations to Fr. Lillard and his friends and family and the prayerful support of the parish. I have yet to meet a priest belonging to the Fraternity of the Society of St. Peter who doesn't show extreme zeal and love of God and his people.

The society is filled with men with true joy of the priesthood, and I expect Fr. Lillard will be no exception.

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  1. Karen: how lovely to see this post, and I deeply regret not having seen it sooner. Please do give Fr Lillard my very warmest congratulations, should you run across him again: he will doubtless be a wonderful priest. It was a great pleasure meeting him (and you, of course) in San Diego, gulp, three years ago.


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