Saturday, November 28, 2009

1st Sunday of Advent

"The Spirit of the Sacred Liturgy during Advent, full of the joyful announcement of approaching freedom, is one f holy enthusiasm, tender gratitude and an intense longing for the coming of the Word of God in the hearts of all the children of Adam.

The Introit gives eloquent expression to the feelings of humanity, cast down, yet full of hope, and begs the Saviour to bring it back into the path which leads to Bethlehem, along the way of truth and justice The epistle calls upon us to rouse from sleep. The Church in the Gospel the second coming of Ohr Lord at the end of the world with His first appearance at Bethlehem as Our Reedemer.

Man is made up of spirit and flesh, and whilst the former is desirous of being drawn to truth and love, the latter understand only such good or evil as can be percieved by the senses, and must be held in check by penance and by a fear of the judgements of God. -- SM"


The Missal notes that the "Station" for the Mass would be at St. Mary Major.

In the glory days of the Church, certainly from th time of Poope Gregory the Great, and possibly before - the people used to gather at difference churches depending what the feast, occasion was. It's well worth checking out this article about Stational Masses here.


  1. Hi there Karen... when do you want to advertise this latest venture?

  2. Hi, I think you can do a blog announcement --
    Some other features I want to add soon(next day or two) are:

    Some items I want to include are a post which links to a "beginner's guide" essentially of how to follow the latin Mass and its parts.

    This will be mainly some good pointers to The Treasure Chest [Catholic comics from the 40s-early 70s, which were available in Parochial grammar(age 6-13) school kids -- It's a quick way to get people up to speed, even adults would find this helpful if they are "not in the know" and even if they are, it has some lot of interesting bits about how each part of the Mass came about.

    Also, I'd like to put up an item regards the ember days.

    And I'd like to get the beginnings of a spreadsheet which I will gradually add to throughout the year -- For instance, it might be interesting to compare the changes in daily readings from 1919-present day.

    Later this week I also want to enter in the "short and sweet" history of the church! IT's awfully compact, but a handy little reference. Ditto the history of the spread of Catholicism in Pennsylvania (I want to do one US state a week.)

    I want to add some handy side bar features, like a popup map of the US with the states labeled -- my US readers SHOULD know their states -- but someone from the backside of Borneo might not know that Delaware is tucked nearby Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey.

    I think a list of popes and their dates would be handy, ditto a popup of various roman emperors and their dates, given they were persecuting Christians left and right - so if, for instance I refer to "St. X who was executed under orders from Diocletian", it would be handy to pull up a popup or page that gave the down and dirties about dates, and what that emperor was known for AND if they hated Christians a little or a lot!

    And then this week too, I will be doing the little blurbs from the St. Mary's missal for the saints for the week, starting with Andrew.

    As I mentioned, I'll try and stay a little ahead, so I won't post the article tommorow NIGHT regards Andrew, because then other than for people in Hawaii and the west coast of the US it will be something "old" that would have been perhaps more appreciated by some beleagered[SP!] Chinaman who needs a chance.


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